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ENERGETICS fitness and wellness equipment provides maximum support on your journey to personal fitness.
Fitness is more than sport; it’s a passion, which millions of people all around the world affect. Fitness and wellness are becoming an attitude towards life.

The best way to achieve a fit body in balance is by doing a variety of fitness exercises, such as cardio and strength training, step & jump workouts or wellness exercises.

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Since 20 years, ENERGETICS offers reliable products and modern designs to support your well-being and your fitness. We simply create things that we love, and we hope that you will love them too. Your well-being and your fitness are in our focus, regardless if you are a professional or a frequent athlete. It’s an important factor for us that our products meet all the different requirements.

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There are different types of fitness equipment available on the market such as treadmillsfitness bikes, vibration plates, dumbbells, steppers, gymnastic balls etc. ENERGETICS offers them all.
Not to forget the right clothing, which has an essential effect on our well-being. Perfect fits, fresh colors and fashionable prints for daily training at home or in the studio. We offer the appropriate apparel for each activity to support natural movements. There’s only one brand offering you all the quality equipment you need for your training, health and well-being with unbeatable value for the price: ENERGETICS.

The way to your fitness is your choice. We are creating products, services and experiences to inspire you to perform your best.

ENERGETICS - competence in personal fitness.

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