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Energetics Energetics
MG 10

    Product description

    ENERGETICS’ MG 10 is a fully equipped workout station designed to take your home training to the next level. This sturdy multi-functional gym takes only 2 hours to assemble from the box. Exercise options include biceps training, chest press, pec flies, pull downs, and shoulder shrugs. The seating pads and the preacher curl station are comfortably padded with 30 mm high-density foam. The MG 10 is designed for users up to 115kg.

    Article number: 240674

    Product comparison

    MG 10
    # of Exercises 18
    Pad 30 mm high density / logo printed
    Max. User Load(kg) 115
    Max. Training Load (kg)
    Setup Dimensions (L x W x H cm) 149.5 x 111 x 203 cm

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • All front muscle groups
    • All side muscle groups
    • All back muscle groups


    Time to Assemble
    120 Minutes
    Setup Weight
    117.4 kg
    Box Weight
    128.9 kg
    Setup Dimensions
    149.5 x 111 x 203 cm
    Box Dimensions
    1)187x52.5x13cm 2)110x49.5x17cm 3)33.5x29.5x19cm 4)33.5x29.5x19cm 5)33.5x24.5x19cm

    The ENERGETICS Training app

    • Full body workouts
    • More than 600 different exercises 
    • Easy understandable exercise explanation
    • Simple navigation for an effective workout
    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
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