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Energetics Energetics

Sustainability concept

A positive impact on consumers’ performances and lifestyles

Thinking responsibly, it is our highest goal to care for our environment and nature. We support and participate in the concept of sustainability in the sporting goods business by reducing our ecological footprint considerably. Our research and development are directed towards a greener industry acting responsibly in two directions: sustainable products with a minimum footprint as well as durable, long-lasting products offering full performance and functionality. On the following pages, we introduce our eco-friendly technologies reflecting the current state of INTERSPORT’s ongoing efforts to contribute to a better future.



Supporting the need for more sustainable and ecological solutions for functional fabrics, the proven DRY PLUS moisture management technology by INTERSPORT is now turning green by replacing the chemical treatment of the fibers with a natural wicking, certified and biodegradable finish by miDori®. The miDori® plant seed oil is a sustainable alternative to non-renewable, petrochemical raw materials and fully meets our strict wicking performance standards for functional textiles. This new, natural treatment of the fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during physical activity.


Fabric finish based on natural and sustainable raw materials

Full wicking performance for a dry body climate

Maximum comfort and performance




Serving as an excellent replacement for traditional and environmentally contentious membranes, the Oekotex 100-certified PFC-free TPE-membrane is reliably waterproof and recyclable on single-component textiles made from 100% Polyester or Nylon. A recyclable TPE-membrane is not only an eco-friendly construction for water-protective and breathable equipment, but in combination with eco-friendly fabrics, it also ensures a faster degradation of the garment once it is disposed of.

Environmentally friendly

Oekotex 100 Standard

PFC-free waterproof finishing

Recyclable on 100% Polyester or 100% Nylon base (single component)

Faster degradable

Product added
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