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Energetics Energetics

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Challenge your routine.

Sports and fitness have never been as popular as today. However, staying motivated can be hard in the long run. The same exhausting exercise each
and every week gets boring quickly and things are over and done. But not with ENERGETICS: we call our consumers to challenge their routine.
Every day of the week. “Train different” is the key to a new way of fitness. We want to help to break out of workout habits to reach better results.
Training must be versatile: With recovery, Yoga & Pilates, cardio and functional training for example it is time for something new.

Outfit shop the look

...and how do you challnge your routine?


Game changer: Food

With different exercises it's not done. You have to care about your eating habits.
Not only healthy, also varied should it be. Eating versatile is a must, especially
plant-based foods like whole grains products, vegetables and fruits.
Last important advice: Forget about sweetened drinks!


Use the ENERGETICS Hardware to make your workout versatile.

The ENERGETICS Workout App

  • Full body workouts for 15 or 30 minutes
  • Special workouts for over 20 small items
  • Video explanation for each exercise
  • Simple functionality improves every workout
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