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Energetics Energetics
22cm Foamed Gymnastic Ball

    Product description

    The ENERGETICS Foamed Gymnastic Ball has a diameter of 22 cm and is perfect to add the elements of strength, intensity, and core balance to your workout. The ball comes complete with a hand pump and has a 100 kg burst resistance level. Available in two colors.

    The Foamed Gymnastic Ball is available in following colors:

    • Blue
    • Pink

    Article number: 148118

    Materials / Fabric:
    Diameter: 22 cm
    Extra features:
    - With valve - Including pump - Max. user weight: 100 kg
    Training method:
    Yoga, Pilates

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • Front core
    • Front lower body
    • Side core
    • Side lower body
    • Back core
    • Back lower body

    These training methods are possible with this device.

    Yoga, Pilates

    Training Exercises

    Leg Lifts

    Lie on side with ball in between feet and legs lifted off floor.
    Raise and lower feet.

    Pass Throughs

    Stand on one leg and lift knee of other leg high. Hold ball in both hands above head.
    Grab ball with one hand and move arm in a circle to below knee. Grab ball with other hand and move both arm to above head again.

    Hip Raises

    Lie on back with bent legs on ball.
    Lift hip high until upper body and thigh form one line.
    Return to starting position.


    Lie on back with ball in between bent knees. Place hands in front of chest.
    Curl body up until upper back is off the floor. Slowly return to starting position.

    Lying Jack

    Lie on ball sideways with one arm and both feet on floor.
    Slowly lift upper arm and leg.
    Return to starting position.

    Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

    Begin on all fours with one leg on ball.
    Bring together diagonal knee and elbow and then extend both to back and front.

    Leg Extensions

    Lie on back ball in between feet and legs off floor.
    Bend and straighten legs.

    Squat Arm Raises

    Stand shoulder width apart and hold ball in hands.
    Bend knees until thighs are parallel to floor and simultaneously lift arms until parallel to floor.
    Return to starting position.

    Cloud Pushers

    Lie on back with ball in between feet. Extend legs towards sky.
    Slowly lift buttocks and lower back off floor.
    Return to starting position.

    Draw ins

    Sit with ball in between feet and legs off floor.
    Bend and straighten legs.

    Single Leg Hip Raises

    Lie on back with one leg on balance board.
    Lift hip high until upper body and thigh form one line.
    Return to starting position.


    Begin in plank position with arms on ball.
    Maintain position while keeping core engaged.

    Mountain Climbers

    Begin in push-up positions with hands on ball.
    Alternately lift one leg off floor and bring knee to chest.
    Return to starting position.

    Push-Ups on Knees

    Kneel on floor with hands on ball.
    Bend your arms and lower chest towards ball.
    Return to starting position.

    Overhead Lunges

    Begin in standing position and hold ball overhead with both arms.
    Perform large step forward and lower body until thigh is parallel to floor. Keep ball in overhead position.
    Return to starting position.

    Jack Knife

    Lie on back with ball in hands.
    Raise arms and legs straight up and transfer ball from hands to feet.
    Return to starting position with
    ball between feet.


    Sit on floor with ball in both hands on either side of your body. Lift feet off floor.
    Twist upper body and lift ball from one side to the other. Keep core engaged.

    Lunge Twist

    Begin in lunge position. Hold ball in hands in front of body.
    Alternately rotate upper body to left and right.

    Standing Scale

    Begin standing with ball in hands extended above head.
    Bend forward with upper body and extend one leg backwards until both are parallel to floor.
    Return to starting position.

    Extended Sit-Up

    Lie on back and hold ball above head. Lift arms and feet off floor.
    Move body and ball up and draw legs in.
    Return to starting position.

    The ENERGETICS Training app

    • Full body workouts
    • More than 600 different exercises 
    • Easy understandable exercise explanation
    • Simple navigation for an effective workout
    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
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