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Energetics Energetics
Finger Ball

    Product description

    Train your lower arms, wrists, hand and fingers, or simply release tension and stress with the ENERGETICS Finger Ball. Available in three resistance qualities from light to strong. 

    The Finger Ball is available in following colors:

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue

    Article number: 145294

    Materials / Fabric:
    light, medium, strong

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • Front upper body
    • Back upper body

    Training Exercises

    Hand Squeeze

    Squeeze the ball with the entire hand. Hold briefly and release again.

    Finger Squeeze

    Squeeze the ball with three fingers and your thumb. Keep fingers straight.

    Thumb Squeeze

    Place ball in the palm of the hand.
    Squeeze ball with your thumb.

    Side Squeeze

    Place ball between two fingers. Press the two fingers together.

    Thumb Roll

    Place ball between bent thumb and two fingers. Roll the ball by extending and straightening the thumb.

    Finger Bend

    Place the ball in the palm of the hand with fingers pressed into the ball. Push fingers into the ball.

    Ball Grip Wrist Down

    Grip ball in palm with hand facing down.
    Squeeze the ball in the palm.

    Ball Grip Wrist Up

    Grip ball in palm with hand facing up. Squeeze the ball with your palm.  Hold and relax. Repeat. 

    Extend Out

    Place the ball on a table. Put tips of fingers on the ball. Push down and roll the ball in circles on the table.

    The ENERGETICS Training app

    • Full body workouts
    • More than 600 different exercises 
    • Easy understandable exercise explanation
    • Simple navigation for an effective workout
    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
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