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Energetics Energetics
Pilates Ball

    Product description

    With the ENERGETICS Pilates ball, you can effectively add the elements of strength, intensity, and balance to your workout. The durable ball is available in three different sizes from 18 to 26 cm in diameter and designed for users up to 100 kg.

    The Pilates Ball is available in following colors:

    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Orange

    Article number: 185014

    18 cm, 22 cm, 26 cm
    Materials / Fabric:
    Extra features:
    Including straw to blow up, max user weight 100 kg.

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • All front muscle groups
    • All side muscle groups
    • All back muscle groups

    Training Exercises


    Lie on back with ball in between bent knees. Place hands in front of chest.
    Curl body up until upper back is off the floor. Slowly return to starting position.

    Hip Raises

    Lie on back with bent legs on ball.
    Lift hip high until upper body and thigh form one line.
    Return to starting position.

    Pass Throughs

    Stand on one leg and lift knee of other leg high. Hold ball in both hands above head.
    Grab ball with one hand and move arm in a circle to below knee. Grab ball with other hand and move both arm to above head again.

    Leg Lifts

    Lie on side with ball in between feet and legs lifted off floor.
    Raise and lower feet.

    Lying Jack

    Lie on ball sideways with one arm and both feet on floor.
    Slowly lift upper arm and leg.
    Return to starting position.

    The ENERGETICS Training app

    • Full body workouts
    • More than 600 different exercises 
    • Easy understandable exercise explanation
    • Simple navigation for an effective workout
    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
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