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Pilates Ring

    Product description

    The adiva Pilates Ring is a great, portable exercise tool. With its large and ergonomic handles and the completely padded surface, the lightweight fiberglass ring offers a comfortable, soft, and secure grip. Use it to tone your arms, chest, hips and thighs.

    Article number: 209719

    Materials / Fabric:
    PP, Foam, Fiber Glass, TPE
    Oval size: 40 x 30 cm
    Extra features:
    Inner and Outer Padding Surface

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • All front muscle groups
    • All side muscle groups
    • All back muscle groups

    Training Exercises

    Chest Press

    Stand shoulder width apart and hold pilates ring in front of body.
    Slowly press arms together.
    Return to starting position.

    Shoulder Press

    Lie face down. Put arms on  pilates ring in front of body.
    Slowly push straight arms down.
    Return to starting position.

    Lead Throughs

    Sit with legs off floor and pilates ring in hands.
    Bend your knees and lead legs through pilates ring.
    Return to starting position.

    Upper Leg Lifts

    Lie on side with legs inside pilates ring.
    Lift upper leg and press against pilates ring.
    Return to starting position.

    Inner Thigh

    Lie on side with legs outside of pilates ring.
    Press legs together against pilates ring.
    Return to starting position.

    Good Mornings

    Stand with feet shoulder-wide apart and hold pilates ring in hands. Slightly bend knees.
    Bend forward with straight back and move hip back.
    Return to starting position

    Single Leg Glute Bridge

    Lie on back with knees bent and pilates ring in between thighs. Straighten one leg and lift it off the floor.
    Lift hip high until upper body and thigh form one line.
    Return to starting position.

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