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Energetics Energetics
Thigh Toner

    Product description

    With the ENERGETICS Thigh Toner, you can shape your inner and outer thighs, buttocks and core region by simply squeezing the device together between your knees. The durable thigh toner is covered with a soft foam cover for a comfortable workout with optimum results.

    Article number: 145291

    Materials / Fabric:
    Iron, PP, Foam

    Trained muscle groups

    These muscle groups are trained with this device

    • Front lower body
    • Front upper body
    • Back lower body
    • Back upper body

    Training Exercises

    Chest Press

    Stand shoulder width apart with lower arms on thigh toner held at chest hight.
    Press elbows together.
    Return to starting position.

    Inner Thigh

    Begin in sitting position with bent knees and feet apart. Place thigh toner in between knees.
    Press knees together.
    Return to starting position

    Outer Thigh

    Sit with one leg bent and other leg straight. Put thigh toner under outside of bent leg.
    Press upper leg outward.
    Return to starting position.

    Biceps Curl

    Hold thigh toner in one arm with end positioned against hand and chest.
    Press hand towards shoulder.
    Return to starting position.

    The ENERGETICS Training app

    • Full body workouts
    • More than 600 different exercises 
    • Easy understandable exercise explanation
    • Simple navigation for an effective workout
    Available on the App Store Android App on Google play
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