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muscle building

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build muscles Efficiently

Building muscle is the basis and objective at the same time

Building muscle is an essential component of sporting activity, not only for bodybuilders but also for those who would like to lose weight and keep their bodies strong and supple. Muscles are self-sufficient metabolic miracles which – if correctly developed – support the musculoskeletal system and in this way promote health. In short: Regardless of whether the motivation springs from health considerations or aesthetic desires, building muscle makes us more resistant. We explain to you what building muscle means in the first place, what distinguishes muscles, what products ENERGETICS can offer you to help build them and the right way to go about it.

Building muscle pays off YOUR BENEFITS AT A GLANCE


Muscles need energy – even in a resting state. The greater your proportion of muscle mass, the higher your consumption of energy and therefore fat. Metabolic activity reduces the proportion of fat, therefore. Practical isn't it?


The passive musculoskeletal system (sinews, ligaments and bones) is supported by muscles. Building muscle strengthens this system, thereby making the body more resistant, and keeping complaints at bay.


The body forms "buffer" muscles and adapts to changes in environmental conditions (weight training). By doing so, it protects itself from injury and pain caused by poor or incorrect posture.


Stronger bones, ligaments and tendons offer protection from complaints, pain and injuries – performance increases, both in sport and everyday life.

calculate your body fat percentage


A vertical fold in the middle of the upper arm, between shoulder and ellbow, has to be measured.

Abdominal fold:
A vertical fold three centimeters right of the belly button has to be measured.

Hip fold:
A diagonal fold between the end of the ribs and the pelvic bones has to be measured in an angle of about 30 degrees.


A diagonal fold below the pectorals, between nipple and armpit, has to be measured. The fold should follow the course of the muscle.

Abdominal fold:
Here it‘s the same as for women. A vertical fold three centimeters right of the belly button has to be measured.

A vertical fold in the middle of the thigh (front), between hip and knee, has to be measured.

Abdominal fold:
Abdominal fold:
Hip fold:


It's no good without variety

Whatever they are used for, muscles need to be developed carefully and constantly stimulated in new ways as they are naturally lazy. How come, lazy muscles? Without new and varied stimuli, muscles get used to the training and shrink back into their energy-saving mode. You can counteract this effect by regularly varying the exercises and intervals and increasing the weights, thereby encouraging muscle build-up.

Muscles need breaks in order to be able to grow

As a result of varied training, muscles have to cope with unusual stresses. In order to be better prepared for such stresses in the future, they grow – but not during the training but in the subsequent rest phase. We recommend giving muscle groups a break of at least 20 to 22 hours between training sessions of normal intensity. It would be best to leave a whole day free.

The right diet is important

Muscles need a healthy mixture of protein and carbohydrates. As muscles themselves consist of protein, they also need it to enable them to grow after training. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are an important source of energy. The last meal rich in carbohydrates and low in fat should be taken two to three hours before doing any sport as otherwise the blood circulating for the digestion is not available to the muscles in training.

A rule of thumb for endurance athletes: 50 to 60% of their diet should consist of carbohydrates.

The effect of strength training on women

Women do not have to be afraid they will suddenly grow bulging muscles if they do strength training – this is prevented by their lower concentration of androgenic hormones such as testosterone. Even if the proportion of their muscle mass increases with intensive training, this happens to a far lesser extent than with men. One major advantage of increasing the percentage of muscle is to reduce the proportion of fat. The active body mass increases resulting in increased calorie consumption in a resting state. Further benefits include:

  • improving bone density through mineralisation,
  • strengthening ligaments and tendons,
  • increasing self-confidence and
  • improving performance in sport and everyday life.


For almost 25 years

ENERGETICS has been offering you everything you need for your fitness programme and well-being for more than 25 years, and supports you on your way to feeling better about your body. The brand offers a varied clothing range for both men and women in the areas of fitness, yoga and dance. The product range is rounded off by an extensive selection of large and small fitness equipment and accessories. Regardless whether you are on the look-out for a cross-trainer, sports mat, weights or a medicine ball , ENERGETICS will support you with high-quality equipment to help you achieve your training goals. Thanks to its many years of brand experience as well as reports, exercises and a training app that can be personalised, ENERGETICS is the optimum fitness partner for your home and its know-how will help you to achieve a healthy, sensual body image.


The ENERGETICS Workout App

  • Full body workouts for 15 or 30 minutes
  • Special workouts for over 20 small items
  • Video explanation for each exercise
  • Simple functionality improves every workout
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